"The Highest Quality Decals For The Emergency Vehicle Model Builder"
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9-1-18. An all new 1:64 scale Los Angeles City Fire Department sheet has been released. It features all new current graphics for both the city and LAX. There are also chevron markings for the ambulances in both yellow/gold and blue, with seperate white under lay decals, so the colors will really stand out. An all new Chevron sheet was also released today. This is a full size sheet, and features blue, florescent lime, red, black, metallic silver, yellow/gold, green, metallic gold and white . The white is .0005 smaller than the rest, so that you may use it as an under lay on darker colored models, making the chevrons really stand out. Also completed and ready to print, an all new fire sheet. This new sheet will be one of the most comprehensive sheets ever printed, almost two years in the making. Expect an announcement some time early fall.