"The Highest Quality Decals For The Emergency Vehicle Model Builder"
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MARCH 8, 2017. I have 15 all new 1:64 scale laser cut acrylic lightbars with top decals. You can see them all on the parts page. There are lightbars for just about every application in this scale, including multi piece sets for Code 3 engines.

DECEMBER 27, 2016.  Atlanta Police now available in 1:43 scale.

NOVEMBER 17, 2016   FD-1 Generic Fire is back in stock.

NOVEMBER 1ST, 2016. My local post office has closed. I am going to have to go to one time per week mailing. I am also looking at USPS Flat Rate, which is $6.45. That will allow me to mail any day from home. Another sign of the times.

August 13, 2016.         This is the "beginning of the end" for commercially produced fire decals in 1:64 scale. I have decided to discontiue this line. It is just not worth the time and the trouble. Lately, there has been a surge in "sandbox toys" customizers, and most are OK with sub standard or made at home decals. There is nothing wrong with made at home decals, let me be clear. I have long advocated made at home decals, as I can not get to everything. For a lot of custom works, home printed decals are just fine. There are a couple of guys that do work on a home printer, and thier work is outstanding. However, there are just as many that do sub standard work. It's up to the hobbyist to determine what works for you, and what does not. I will no longer take on custom work from those that I do not know or do not trust.    

If you like to model fire apparatus in 1:64 scale, and were thinking of making a unique project and were going to order decals from me, you probably should do it now. Once I discontine a sheet, it may never be available again. I am low on a few items, and they will not be reprinted. They may disappear off of here without notice.  

One of the things I learned during the last few months, is that there is no shortage of guys thinking that buying decals and copying them is just fine. Several people have told me privately and even publicly, that it is OK if they do it for personal use. I was brought up differently. I dont see it as any different than stealing decals off of my table at a show. No matter what, its dishonest. There does not seem to be a shortage these days of dishonest 1:64 scale kit bashers. All in the name of "quick dollars" guys will screw each other or "customers" just to grab that perceived dollar out there. No one, has ever gotten rich off of kit bashing. Occasionally a few dollars gets made, but when you calculate time and materials its always a losing proposition. During the height of our kit bashing days, it was quite fun and very rewarding. Not so much today.        


APRIL 14, 2017. I am almost out of FD-5. Once its out, it could be several months before I run it again.