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NOVEMBER 25, 2017. I am going to discontinue my entire police car line. If there is something you think you will be needing, now would be the time to stock up. The line will go away in early January, 2018. I suspect the fire line will follow shortly thereafter. A rather sad sign of the times. 


NOVEMBER 2, 2017. An all new decal sheet has been created for the Greenlight 1:64 scale ambulance. You can view it on the Fire Decals page. I have also updated the Interceptor Details decal sheet in 1:64 scale. It has items for the 2016 body style, and there was no increase in price. You can view it on the Police Decals page.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017. Three all new decal sheets have been released today. All are 1:64 scale, for fire and rescue apparatus modlers. There is a comprehensive generic Childrens Hospital sheet, and two all new stripe sheets, including one in multi color. Check them out on the Fire Decals page.

AUGUST 28, 2017. A new Boston Fire decal sheet is in and ready to ship. Many of the features of the previous sheet, with an all new section for MassPort. Check out the Fire Decals page for a look.