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3-20-2020  My Post Office is closed. Its inside of a Credit Union. I will not go to another post office until the Health Crisis has passed. The only mailing I will be doing, is USPS Flat Rate. A small flat rate box is $8.30. No one really knows how long emergency measures are in place. I hope you all stay well. I will update here and my Facebook page when things change.


3-16-2020  Two new sheets in today. First up in the Real Model Car Decals line, is a very comprehensive Tennessee Highway Patrol set in 1:24 scale. And the new design FD-11 Fire Details in 1:64 scale is in. Due to world wide events, I will mail one time this week, then will monitor events day by day. I hope you all are safe, and understand if I have to suspend mailing.


2-26-2020 The new FD-1 is back in stock. I expect the new FD-11 in about 2 weeks.

1-30-2020  Today I added 1:64 scale current Arizona DPS State Trooper markings. See them on the "Other Decals" page.

1-7-2020  I am open and processing orders. I hope everyone had a great holiday time. I have made a few changes, and dropped some police sheets. Make sure you check before ordering.


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