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11-18-19  I am out of FD-1. I expect them in late January. Today I released four new decal sheets. A history of the CHP in 1:24 and a K9 dog decal also in 1:24 scale. And two new 1:43 decals, Boston Police and South Carolina Highway Patrol. You can view them on the police page.

10-20-19. Two new police decals added. They are Detroit Police and Louisville KY Metro Police. You can view them on the police decal page. 

9-30-19  An all new Pennylvania State Police decal sheet is available in both 1:43 and 1:64 scale. These sheets feature the latest correct markings. The new markings are not the old white car markings applied to gray cars. There are many changes to those. If its accuracy you are looking for, these are the best there is.

Some new 1:24 scale sheets are in the works. First one could be out before the end of the year.


9-1-19  An all new SWAT generic decal sheet has been released today. You an view it at the bottom of the Police Decals page.

8-5-19 Today I have released a new retail model at Inquarters. It is a generic SWAT vehicle in 1:43 scale. The model is diecast, with plastic parts. It is painted in satin black with white markings. It is a pull back, but hard to tell by looking at it. It has a lightbar that can easily be replaced. All 1:43 scale parts I have tried fit quite well. They are $8.99 each. I reserve the right to limit or restrict sales. I have a good supply right now, but it takes a long time for the importer to get them in to the US. Shipping will be USPS Priority only and I may require a signature. They are not boxed, they are tissue wrapped and in a bubble envelope. I will make sure they are protected for transit, but the lightbars seem to be a weak point. I will inspect each one before shipping. Easy to disassemble and customize. I also have a new generic SWAT decal sheet at the printer, to be released early next month. Click on photos to enlarge.

Order information  info@inquarters.com