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Order information  decalinfo@inquarters.com Ordering is done via email. There are no point of purchase links, or clicks to buy anything. This assures me that you understand what you are buying, and makes certain it is in stock. Email me your order telling me how many of each decal, and where it will be shipped to. I will reply with the total including shipping, and all payment methods.

7-29-2021  An all new 1:64 scale lightbar has been released today. It is the body width ambulance box lightbar. It comes with a silver top and black segment decal. See it on the parts page. Its a good replacement for the Greenlight ambulance.


6-22-21  The updated FD-5 is now available. You can view it on the Fire Decals page. An all new Phoenix Fire Department sheet in 1:64 scale is now available as well.

6-1-2021 An all new Idaho State Police decal sheet in 1:43 scale has been released today. Still waiting on the correction for FD-5, the NYFD sheet. 

4-30-2021 Three new sheets released today for 1:64 scale fire. They are FD-13 Philly, all new. And never printed before, FD-26 Houston and FD-28 San Antonio. See them on the Fire Decals page.

4-19-2021 A new EMS sheet has been released today. It is for the details on the 1:64 scale Greenlight Transit vans. You can see it on the EMS page.

4-16-21 An all new 1:43 scale Texas DPS sheet has been released today. You can view it on the State Federal decal page.
3-21-21 Baltimore City Fire Department in 1:64 scale is now available. This sheet is packed full of detail.
3-10-2021  I am out of NYFD. Miami Dade, Phoenix and Washington DC are all scheduled for sometime near summer. A good year for the customizers.



                          PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE ORDERING
Inquarters decals are real model decals. They are commercially printed, not made at home. I can not change the scale, adjust the size, move things around, or in any way alter the sheet. What you see in the picture, with the stated scale, is what you will get. The first number in any decal is the scale it was designed for.  I can print to a larger scale, but its expensive, and you would need to meet the minimum charges, and take the entire run as a custom order.