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4-28-19   Today, I have added a new 1:43 scale decal sheet to my retail line. It is a US Capitol area sheet, that includes decals for the Federal Protective Service, United States Secret Service, US Capitol Police, US Coast Guard, and Pittsburgh Police. This is part of a sheet I did for custom models. There are no license plates, I don't use decals for those. And with the USSS and USCG, there is only enough markings for one side of the vehicle, so that is the reason for two sheets. The se decal sheets are not for the beginner or novice modelers. To make accurate models, it requires careful study of photos for proper placement. There are stripe options for the USSS and in the case of Pittsburgh, I have included numbers to make any unit and individual Protect and Serve for sedans or Utilities. They can be viewed on the Police Decals page.

12-2-18  Released today, an all new 1:43 scale decal sheet. It is the Metropolitan Washington DC police. It includes numbers for making an individual unit, including the license plate and roof numbers. It also features unit and district numbers in two sizes, to fit Utility and Sedan models.

11-2-18 Today I have released one of the most comprehensive decal sheets ever printed. It is a wildland fire sheet. It has logos and markings for 22 state and federal agencies. Some of the agencies have multiple logos. Much of this I have printed before on various sheets. Its now combined on one large sheet. I also did a 1:43 scale version with markings for 15 agencies, with some having more than one logo. You can see a list of the agencies on the fire decal page.


My flash sale of the week. Featuring the old markings of the US Border Patrol in 1:24 scale. . They are 2 for $5.00 while supplies last. They may be discontinued at any time, and I reserve the right to limit sales. Please remember, these are not "made at home" decals. They are commercially printed. I can not modify them, or change the scale, or alter them in any way.