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7-15-19  Today I have added two new EMS decals. They are Pittsburgh EMS Physician and AMR. See them on the EMS Decals page.

7-5-2019 I have added a 1:64 scale Albuquerque Police to the "Other Decals" page. And my latest flash sale.


My latest flash sale.  

9-1-19  An all new SWAT generic decal sheet has been released today. You an view it at the bottom of the Police Decals page.

8-5-19 Today I have released a new retail model at Inquarters. It is a generic SWAT vehicle in 1:43 scale. The model is diecast, with plastic parts. It is painted in satin black with white markings. It is a pull back, but hard to tell by looking at it. It has a lightbar that can easily be replaced. All 1:43 scale parts I have tried fit quite well. They are $8.99 each. I reserve the right to limit or restrict sales. I have a good supply right now, but it takes a long time for the importer to get them in to the US. Shipping will be USPS Priority only and I may require a signature. They are not boxed, they are tissue wrapped and in a bubble envelope. I will make sure they are protected for transit, but the lightbars seem to be a weak point. I will inspect each one before shipping. Easy to disassemble and customize. I also have a new generic SWAT decal sheet at the printer, to be released early next month. Click on photos to enlarge.

Order information  info@inquarters.com