"The Highest Quality Decals For The Emergency Vehicle Model Builder"

I offer custom produced replicas. I like to stay with 1:43 scale, but will accept orders for other scales on occasion. My custom models are not cheap and are very time consuming. I use automotive base coat/clear coat paint on custom painted models. I make several different types of lightbars, that are not available elsewhere. I make my own antennas and other parts as required, and do not make those parts available to others. I only use my own InQuarters commercially printed decals. There is no better quality, and the models do not require a top coat. I may require a deposit on custom painted or custom made decals for models. Agency orders are always a priority. Below are examples of my custom models. If you have questions or woud like to order a model or models, use the link below. These are not models with cheap home made decals slapped on them. The models and the graphics are of the highest quality. I would not offer something that I would not be proud to have in my display case.

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Please browse the photo gallery below, to view examples of models I have done. I use the former First Response Replicas for the Tahoe, Impala and Ford Sedan and Ford Interceptor Utility. I also use the FRR/MotorMax Dodge Charger and Dodge Diplomat. I use the former Luxury Diecast for the Suburbans. I have also used First Gear for the Expeditions and Impala. I can use any available 1:43 scale model if they are still available. Some models may not be completed or may not have all parts/equipment mounted.