"The Highest Quality Decals For The Emergency Vehicle Model Builder"

I have a NO RETURN policy on models. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. These models were assembled in a foreign country. They were only painted to my color specifications. I will remove each model from its protective cover and examine it before it is packed for shipping, to ensure nothing is damaged or missing.
Additionally, each model will be photographed with the shipping label, so there is no question as to its condition before it was shipped. I am not responsible for damage once it is shipped. If you recieve the model in damaged condition, it is your responsibility to file a claim with the USPS. Every precaution will be taken to ensure you receive a model worthy of display.

© 2014/2015       InQuarters

These 1:43rd scale Ford Police Interceptor Utility models were done exclusively for InQuarters by First Response Replica's. They are not available from First Response Replica's, Diecast Direct or any of the outlets or from dealers that carry FRR products. Those appearing on other dealer or vendor sites were obtained via an individual and sold to others for resale on thier sites. InQuarters did not make any of these models available to dealers. It is always best to check with the source before ordering.
The Fords's are available in solid red, and red with a black roof. They come with a driver side spotlight, and a parts pack with antenna's, push bumpers and other accessories so that you may customize them to your requirements. 
 Use this email link for ordering information and payment options.  models@inquarters.com  Please include the information below in yellow.  Overseas or outside of the US may be delayed due to my shipping schedule. I do not ship to Mexico or most South American countries. All orders will require certified funds. The only PayPal payments I will accept, will be personal payments where you will pay the fees. If this is not acceptable, then you will need a certified check or money order, drawn from a US bank in US funds, or a personal check from a US bank, and the order will be held until the funds are released. You can also use Chase Bank Quick Pay. Personal PayPal and Chase Quick Pay orders will ship the same day. I may require a delivery signature on some orders. Please scroll down below the model photos, and read the No Return policy. By placing an order,  you agree to that policy.

I may discontinue these at any time, and I may restrict or decline sales or limit the amount of  models one individual may obtain.

$19.99 Each

For ordering information, use the link above. In the email, I need to know the following information.

1. How many of each model you want.
2. Physical address where they will be shipped to.
3. Method you will be using to pay
for them.

Columbus Ohio Fire Department Ford Interceptor Utility. 
All four unit numbers available.                   $40.00

Columbus Ohio Police Department Ford Interceptor Utility. 
Custom unit numbers available.                  $40.00

Columbus Ohio Police Department Ford Interceptor Sedan. 
Custom unit numbers available.                  $40.00

Yonkers Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe. SOC and BC.
Custom push bumper and traffic direction device. $40.00

Sacramento Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe.
BC or AC with custom unit numbers available.        $40.00

Houston Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe District Chief 11. $40.00  
Albuquerque Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe battalion chief.
Custom numbers available.                     $40.00

Redondo Beach Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe Harbor
Patrol. Cusom lightbar.                                 $45.00

Cal Fire Napa County Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe. 

San Francisco Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe BC or DC.
Custom numbers available.                           $40.00

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Chevrolet Tahoe.
Custom numbers available.                                  $40.00

Illinois State Police Ford Interceptor Utility K-9 Unit. 
K-9 ventilation unit available (extra)                   $40.00

Kern County Fire Department Air Ops Chevrolet Tahoe. 
With accurate roof rack.                                   $50.00

Illinois State Police Ford Interceptor sedan. Painted with
automotive base coat/clear coat.                   $50.00

Kern County Fire Department Safety Officer Chevrolet Tahoe. 
With accurate roof rack.                        $50.00

South Dakota Highway Patrol Ford Interceptor Utility.
Painted with automotive base coat/clear coat.    $50.00

Nevada Highway Patrol Ford Interceptor sedan.
Painted with automotive base coat/clear coat.       $50.00

Illininois State Police Ford Interceptor sedan.    $40.00  
South Dakota Highway Patrol Chevrolet Impala.   $40.00  
North Dakota Highway Patrol Ford Interceptor sedan.    $40.00  
Chicago Fire Department Chevrolet Tahoe.
Custom paint and lightbar.                                  $50.00

San Francisco Fire Department Ford Interceptor Utility.
Custom numbers available.                              $40.00

Chicago Fire Department Ford Interceptor Utility.
Custom numbers available.                                 $40.00

$19.99 Each
Los Angeles County Fire Department Dodge Charger.
Produced from an exclusive premier run.                $40.00

Minnesota State Patrol Dodge Charger special enforcement
car. Made from an exclusive Premier run.                  $40.00

Very few of these remain. The Tahoe's are sold out. Check availability before ordering.