2-1-2021 I AM IN THE PROCESS OF UPDATING ALL OF MY DECALS FOR RETAIL. THERE MAY BE TIMES THIS PAGE IS NOT CURRENT, OR IS BLANK. DECALS MAY HAVE A NEW PART NUMBER. WITH SOME NEW 1:43 SCALE MODELS RELEASED, I HAVE BROUGHT BACK SOME VINTAGE MARKINGS DECALS. The most current police decal prices may be on my forum. For ordering information or instructions, please contact the following.   decalinfo@inquarters.com    I  can not produce other scales or offer one of a kind printings from these existing sheets.  On some items you will see two images. It is more beneficial for me to print a single strip one time, and include two of those as a full sheet. This saves space on printings. This method allows me to print other things at the same time and print more often. These 2 strip printings will run out faster, and there could be times that they are not available while they are being reprinted. Please check on availability before ordering. The first number in the decal part number, indicates the scale. 


"The Highest Quality Decals For The Emergency Vehicle Model Builder"
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24-X1     CHP HISTORY                 1:24 SCALE      $12.00

24-X2     K-9 DOGS               1:24 SCALE      $3.00

24-X3    TENNESSEE HIGHWAY PATROL      1:24 SCALE   14.00