"The Highest Quality Decals For The Emergency Vehicle Model Builder"
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Order information  info@inquarters.com Ordering is done via email. There are no point of purchase links, or clicks to buy anything. This assures me that you understand what you are buying, and makes certain it is in stock. Email me your order telling me how many of each decal, and where it will be shipped to. I will reply with the total including shipping, and all payment methods.

                          PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE ORDERING
The decals offered on this page are not part of my retail line. They may be discontinued and removed from this page without notice. They are not guaranteed at all. They are as is, and are "first come, first served". There are no refunds or replacements on these "specials". I may only have a very small amount. I reserve the right to limit the amount per customer. Order by name, as some are available in more than one scale. 

SPECIAL 64  HEAD AND TAIL LIGHTS.    Fits various vehicles   $1.00 each          1:64 scale
SPECIAL 64  ORIGIONAL CHEVRONS.      Very limited.   $1.00 each       1:64 scale
SPECIAL 64 PDNY.   Most any style from 50's to current. Includes darker blue and updated lighter blue markings. ESU markings not updated to lighter color. Six pieces total      $4.00 each                1:64 scale
SPECIAL 43  PDNY.   Most any style from 50's to current. Includes darker blue and updated lighter blue markings. Four pieces total      $4.00 each                1:43 scale
SPECIAL MOUNTAIN RESCUE.   Various sizes, no specific scale.    2 for $1.00